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Live Your Passion Mini-Expo


 With Young Living Essential Oils & Oil Infused Products


 INSPIRATION: to Detox your Life including your Cleaning Cupboard, Diet, Make-up, Beauty and Personal Care Products.

ACTIVATE:  your Passion for Healthy Wholesome Food and Lifestyle together with Emotional and Spiritual Balance.

ENERGISE:  your Kitchen and Spice up your Menu, Detox your Beauty bag and Boost Your Business all in One day.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll be doing and receiving:

1. Make and Enjoy a Delicious Aromatic Afternoon Tea
2. NingXia Red Shots – Yummo
3. Make and take home a non-toxic household cleaner, that I love and I hope you will to, and a non-toxic Cream 4 Critta Free days, that is good for the whole family.
4. Holistic Business Tips
5. Enjoy a Mindfulness Meditation
6. Work with a makeup artist to identify your colours and experiment with the Savvy Mineral Make-up
7. Enjoy an Aura Cleanse and Chakra Balance
8. Nutrition For Beauty tips

All this for only $25

This event is being held at the Yoga Deck at Palmwoods a beautiful space in nature, which is fantastic…… the only downside is that numbers are limited so you will need to book early to avoid the disappointment of missing out.

Presenters and Details:

Anne Simpson: Culinary Delight Designer

Culinary Delights and Afternoon Tea: Anne has had an interest in good health for many years, particularly using clean food that nature provides, so Young Living essential oils and the other oil infused products was a natural fit.  “Happy in the kitchen with fresh ingredients and a treasure chest of oils which enhance the flavour of the food offering the touch of love that makes such a difference.”

Make and Enjoy a yummy smoothie, NingXia Red juice shots, a delicious pesto and decadent cacao fudge, all infused with the added deliciousness of the oils.


Riga Walsh: Complementary Health and Shiatsu Therapist.

Detox Your Life: Having suffered from chronic fatigue, Riga Walsh had to detox both her home and herself. Riga is proof that detoxing your life leads to good health and she is now passionate about helping others achieve good health. You’ll take away inspirational tips and a DIY brilliant household cleaner and a great smelling nontoxic mozzie repellent that you’ll love and make yourself. Come have some good clean fun.


Alana Winter-Smith: Freelance Makeup Artist/Educator

Introducing the Beauty From the Inside Out + Guilt Free Makeup.

Alana is our expert Make-Up Artist who will introduce you to the new Toxin Free YL Savvy Mineral makeup Range. This will be a hands-on makeup workshop to discover your colours and learn how to use this very special makeup range.  Soraya will cover Skin Health and Nutrition on this segment.


Angel Love: Holistic Counsellor and Complementary Health Practitioner

Essential Oils for Spiritual and Emotional Balance

Angel will speak about the power of vibration and resonance and how YL vibrational oils can enhance our lives. She will discuss the effect of the sense of smell on the Limbic Area of the Brain and how essential oils can be calming, relaxing and refreshing.

Soraya Saraswati: Yogi, Life Coach and Business Support

Soraya will offer a calming and centering mindfulness meditation enhanced by essential oils. She will explain how Young Living Essential oils can offer the perfect tool box to enhance and support both your lifestyle and business dreams.

Soraya will explain the multi-level marketing business model in a clear and concise way. She will give you great tips to enhance and inspire your existing business with YL or to kick start a fresh Young Living business.

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